It's never too early to support your child's language growth

Our Small Talk video course will teach you simple language-building strategies to help your newborn to 18-month-old become a clear and confident communicator!

12 knowledge-packed video lessons

  • Understand how speech and language develop

  • Help your child reach age-appropriate milestones

  • Lay the foundation for your child's first words

  • Better understand your child’s needs

  • Incorporate language learning into daily routines

I’m Leanne Sherred, M.S. CCC-SLP, the President and Chief Clinical Officer of Expressable speech therapy. 

Yikes, that’s a mouthful. So you can just call me Leanne!

I received my Bachelor's degree from The George Washington University and my Master's degree from Northwestern - and have been a practicing speech-language pathologist ever since. 

I founded Expressable to create a more effective care model for children and better experience for families. Today, I oversee 60+ talented speech therapists who have the privilege of working with thousands of children. 

My goal is to combine the latest research with proven practices we use in speech therapy everyday, distilling it down into a fun and interactive course to help you share the gift of communication with your kiddo. 

I know the feeling of stressing about your child’s development. But no need to fear - we’re here to help!

Stress less and start your language learning journey today!

Children learn best at home from the people they love most

Here's how we support you to make that possible!